Re-fringing & Tassels Service

Fringes receive the most wear and tear on a rug as they are located on the ends and are not supported as much as the rest of the rug. Having frayed and worn down fringes can lower the aesthetics of a rug and depreciate the value the rug. The fringes are the foundation of a rug which are made from the excess of the warp and weft. If frayed fringes and tassels are not cared for at early stages it may lead to further damage through the rest of the rug beginning to loosen and causing the knots to be undone.

At Carpets Clinic, we provide a full re-fringing and tassel service which brings back the originality of the rug and able to present the rug as if it had no damage had occurred to the fringes. We are also able to stop the original tassels from fraying further by stopping the end which leads to the rug not being able to loosen when tread on. This is a common repair which many customer prefer to do which immediately improves the aesthetics of the rug.

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