Professional Care for Handmade old, and modern Carpets, Kilims, and Rugs.

Professional Care
for Handmade old, and modern Carpets

At Carpets Clinic, it is our goal to help you spend less time on worrying about the cleanliness and depreciating beauty of your carpets
and more time enjoying a healthier and cleaner home.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets Clinic has become a trusted name when it comes to deeply clean and faster drying carpets at your convenience. Since carpets and rugs get a lot of use, dirt, stains and spills on them are highlyinevitable. While regular maintenance can help keep the dirt away,there is no substitute to professional cleaning. We use the bestsolutions and state of the art machinery to provide an immaculate cleaning process of your carpets.


The first and foremost step towards carpet cleaning is understanding the requirements of the clients either through a telephonic discussion, email or at home. Post the careful inspection and assessment of the piece to be cleaned, we issue estimates for the work to be carried out.


When we receive a particular carpet or rug for cleaning, we at Carpets Clinic kick start the cleaning process where the carpet goes through a dust removal machine, specifically imported from Iran for this purpose. The whole process is undertaken and performed in the presence of skilled professionals.


We provide free pick-up and delivery service. Daily pick ups in London and surrounding areas. Weekly pick ups for the rest of England including Scotland and Wales. We assure all our customer with full facility and communication.


Hand woven carpets require extra care and careful handling. Wool, cotton, silk rugs and kilims are especially hand washed that includes water immersion, brushing, rinsing and drying. Surface cleaning and stain removal products are used as and when required and necessary.

Special expertise in

Dog Pee Removal

Professional rug cleaning services London

Stain Removal

Hand Washing


Carpet Repairing

Don’t replace it, when you can repair it! There are times, when a particular carpet or rug has sentiments attached to it, has been passed down generations or is just too beautiful and precious to be replaced. In such circumstances, we at Carpets Clinic come to your rescue and restore the damage and patches caused due to unfavourable circumstances.

It is our passion to professionally repair carpets with absolute perfection. We consider every piece a work of art that only needs a few fixes to restore its beauty and appreciate its originality and value.

Estimation and Value

In the event of carpet repair and restoration, we always advice our customers based on our inspection and assessment after reviewing a piece of carpet, rug or kilim personally. The quotation for the same can be shared over telephone or email and the final price always depends on the amount of the work that has to be carried out.

Repair and Restoration

The professionals who undertake the job of repairing an old or damaged rug are properly trained for the purpose in a way that you would never be able to make out the difference between the original and the repaired. The repairing is done with the same quality, dye and shade of color matching the old carpet as close as possible

Professional rug cleaning services London

Before Repairing

Professional rug cleaning services London

Work in Progress

Professional rug cleaning services London

After Repairing

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