Re-weaving & Re-piling Service

Over a period of time it is natural for the rugs pile to loosen and unknot due to everyday use. In these cases, re-piling is necessary as it may lead to a greater problem which leaves the warp and weft with no protection and may cause holes in the rug. Re-weaving would then be necessary when essentially producing a new part of the rug from scratch.

At Carpets Clinic we insure that the same material and colour is matched when reweaving and re-piling. If your rug were to have a unique colour we would also be able to naturally dye wool to match your rug. Once we examine the condition of the rug we are able to outline the next steps to be taken to the customer and then we proceed with re-weaving and re-piling. Our experts are able to set the foundation, the warp and the weft, securely to the original unaffected warp and weft which would give a canvas to start re-piling.

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