About Us

Expert Professional Care For Carpets and Rugs

Professional care
for handmade, old and modern carpets

Carpets Clinic is acknowledged, across the UK, as a premium carpet cleaning service provider. Our skilled and well-trained professionals efficiently offer anefficient service as required or requested, making your carpets clean, germ free and appealing.

Our founder, Mr. Massoum Mohammed, trained in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan. He arrived in the UK in 1998, working at Benardout and Benardout repairing high quality carpets and tapestries. In 2001 he started his own business at Royal Park, North Acton, specializing in the restoration of kilims and carpets. Eventually, located in Enfield he established Carpets Clinic which provides full hand washing facilities and has gained an excellent reputation in the carpet world for expert cleaning, conservation, restoration and repair of carpets, kilims and tapestries.

Our major ambition is to maintain hygiene and wellness of your home by removing all impurities, bacteria and dirt from your carpets making them look old and lifeless. Clean and fresh carpets not only last longer, provide a sterile environment, but also revitalises your home.

With many years’ experience in the field of carpet cleaning, repair and restoration, we possess immense expertise in removing stains and disinfecting carpets. No matter how persistent the stain or level of damage to the carpet, we strive to meet expectations and provide a totally satisfactory service to all our clients, using various methods and techniques. Our wish is to fulfil all our customer’s requirements, gain their trust and have them feel happy and pleased with the us and their carpets and rugs.

Our Service

Professional Care for Handmade old, and modern Carpets, Kilims, and Rugs.

Hand Washing

We provide a special step-by-step hand washing technique, in a controlled environment, bringing your rugs back to life.

Rug Cleaning

Carpets Clinic has become a trusted name when it comes to deep cleaning and quick drying carpets, at your convenience.

Carpet Repairs and Restoration

There are times when a particular carpet or rug has sentimental value, having been passed down through the generations, or is just beautiful but needs a bit of tender loving care and maintenance to prolong its life.

Full Valuation & Antique Rug Specialists in London