Silk Rug Cleaning

When we receive a rug for cleaning, we at Carpets Clinic kick start the cleaning process where the rug goes through a dust removal machine, specifically imported from Iran for this purpose. The whole process is undertaken and performed in the presence of skilled professionals.

Silk rugs requirecare and delicate handling when being treated. Silk rugs are woven in many countries beside the middle east, you can see the designs originating from China, India and Turkey. Silkrugs are especially hand washed that includes water immersion, brushing, rinsing and drying. Before cleaning silk rugs, a full inspection of the rug is under taken and then carry out the appropriate procedure to treat the rug. In doing so we try to keep the rug feeling soft and plush yet again.

At Carpets clinic, we clean Persian rugs by hand to wash the rug with care complimented with our natural shampoo which will not disturb the natural colours and pile.

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